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Why Giving is Better Than Receiving!

Why Giving is Better Than Receiving!
Red Jasper Bracelet
These bracelets consist of the red jasper gemstone known to be one of the most powerful healing crystals in existence! They are light, attractive, and fun. Wearing these naturally occurring stones around your wrist has many healing qualities which can help in numerous ways. Not only do they provide health benefits, but these bracelets also create awareness for the American Cancer Society.
At Hope&Co, we're passionate about helping those who are impacted by cancer. That's why we donate 10% from every bracelet sold to the American Cancer Society. Our products support a variety of awareness initiatives. Additionally, our charity bracelets encourage individuals to join the fight against cancer and give back to those in need.
Hope&Co's charity bracelets have taken off in a big way! Lots of people have been wanting to help cancer research, and they've been more than willing to purchase a bracelet from Hope&Co. The donations will be going to a good cause. And if you or a loved one has cancer, wear your bracelets proudly and with a smile.