6 Gemstones Every Crystal Lover Needs

Gemstones are not only beautiful, they also are very power and can increase energy and balance your soul. Hope & Co incorporates gemstones into each of our bracelets. Here are 6 gemstones that can help heal you physically and mentally!

Dalmatian Jasper 

Dalmatian Jasper Gemstone

Dalmatian Jasper is often referred to as the stone of joy. It is playful   and the childlike vibrations can help you release anger. As the stone of joy, Dalmatian Jasper allows us to connect to our inner child and immerse in the positive aspects of life. This stone is also said to combat exhaustion and boredom, acting as a pick me up.


- Protection and shielding 

- Grounding 

- Encourages expression of joy


Peach Quartz 

Peach Quartz Gemstone

Peach Quartz is considered the gemstone of love. This can be used to deepen relationships and also fills your heart with love. If you are not confident within yourself or are feeling low this can be used to increase self-love and eliminate personal isolation. Peach Quartz has a special power of converting negative emotions to positive ones. This a powerful healing stone.


- Increases confidence 

- Heals your heart 

- Enhances connections 



Turquoise Gemstone

Turquoise is purification stone that works by healing from within. This stone dispels negative energy and can be worn to protect against environmental influences. By purifying from within, this stone calms mood swings and instills inner peace. This gemstone is powerful for helping calm anxiety, depression and exhaustion.


- Life affirming

- Healing




Amazonite Gemstone

Amazonite is a powerful healing stone that works with your heart, mind, body and soul. This is a popular stone when it comes to re-entering and re-discovering yourself. Amazonite realigns your chakras and balances your energies to create harmony. This stone also assists in inspiration and creative confidence, especially for artists.


- Enhances creativity

- Balances chakras

- Resolves conflict


Lapis Lazuli

Lapis Lazuli Gemstone

Lapis Lazuli is an enlightenment stone. It can be used to open minds and encourage self-awareness, self-confidence and self-knowledge. Wearers of lapis lazuli are more likely to be in a good mood throughout the day. This gemstone was discovered to relieve anger and negative thoughts. It can be beneficial for people so are very stressed and emotional.


- Mind opening

- Boosts confidence

- Relieves stress


Red Jasper

Red Jasper Gemstone

Red Jasper stone is believed to help you act upon your passions. It behaves as an adrenaline shot to wake up your chakras. Red Jasper can increase joy and inspire a positive attitude within wearer. By wearing this gemstone you can feel motivation and inspiration to reach your full potential. The opaqueness and deep colors in Red Jasper are said to act as a grounding agent.


- Brings positive energy

- Strengthens

- Increases patience