Charity Spotlight: American Rescue Rhode Island

Animal Rescue Rhode Island (ARRI) is committed to the humane welfare of stray animals and the rescue of companion animals in need.

The goal is to become a leading animal welfare organization committed to providing responsible and compassionate care for all companion animals through: a) renowned animal rejuvenation programs; b) modern humane education; and c) innovative adaptability to the rapidly evolving animal welfare landscape.

Without regard to location, ARRI saves abused, relinquished, and abandoned animals. They go to great lengths to rehabilitate and nourish the animals so they can be successfully adopted as pets in devoted families.

The promise is that no animal will ever be put to death due to lack of time, room, breed, or a problem that can be treated humanely. We take great satisfaction in offering a secure, caring, and healthy environment.

The responsibility to educate and uplift the community as instructors and activists by offering humane education and giving homeless companion animals a voice is central to their goal. Compassionate trustees, employees, and trained volunteers of ARRI, which is supported by the generosity of devoted donors, put in endless effort every day to fulfill their commitment.

In Rhode Island and abroad, ARRI is well-known. There has been a lot of adoption requests from people in adjacent state. Whether you live in or outside of Rhode Island, ARRI also takes in pets from owners who are unable to care for them. Despite the fact that a lot has changed, we still require support. For more than 600 animals each year, ARRI still relies on contributions, fundraisers, and grants to provide top-notch care and adoption services. Only kind supporters like you make our success possible.

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