Charity Spotlight: Habitat For Humanity Greater Providence

Habitat for Humanity of Greater Providence and East Bay has been a chartered affiliate of Habitat for Humanity International (HFHI), the biggest non-profit homebuilding organization in the world, since 1987.


The local objective is to provide decent, affordable housing for families who currently reside in subpar and costly homes and to make decent shelter a moral and practical need. All people of the Greater Providence and East Bay area should live in decent, reasonably priced homes.

HFHI’s ultimate local goal is to create a world where everyone may live in dignity while the organization's global objective is to "create houses, communities, and hope by bringing people together.

Through reliable community partners like you, their work in the Greater Providence and East Bay areas grows significantly. Everybody deserves a good place to call home, and it literally takes a village to build safe, affordable houses. Because of people like you, entire neighborhoods improve and undergo radical change. Families get the sturdiness, constancy, and independence they require to create a better life via this metamorphosis.

We donate 10% of every sale to Habitat For Humanity Greater Providence, so when you wear this piece of jewelry, you can feel good knowing you're helping someone in need. Shop Habitat For Humanity Collection.