Charity Spotlight: Hope's Harvest

Gleaning, another name for farm-based food recovery, is an age-old custom of gathering unharvested produce from a farmer's fields and giving it to those in need. With over 250 gleaning initiatives around the country, gleaning is a tried-and-true strategy for enhancing food security and reducing food waste.

The first gleaning initiative in Rhode Island, Hope's Harvest, began in 2018. Since then, the approach has expanded to encompass both growing markets for regional growers through the emergency food system as well as farm-based food recovery. As of 2022, Hope's Harvest will be honored to be a Farm Fresh RI program, giving locally grown, fresh vegetables to those in need in the community.


To raise food security for the most vulnerable citizens, enhance the livelihoods of regional farmers, and engage everyone in strengthening the food system by reducing food waste on farms in Rhode Island.

Their vision is to create vibrant interconnected communities where everyone benefits from an abundance of fresh, wholesome food, neighbors get their hands dirty and enjoy assisting one another, and farmers are recognized, cherished, and compensated for their services.

It is intolerable that wonderful food is wasted while friends and neighbors go without meals. Providing the people of Rhode Island with fresh, wholesome, locally produced food is a deed of justice and love that has the potential to change the world.

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