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Founded in Rhode Island.

We're making a difference in the world, one bracelet at a time.

Our Charity Partners

Our Brand's Impact

Hope&Co has created the perfect gemstone bracelet to share with your friends, family, neighbors, co-workers, and local communities. Now anyone can make an incredible impact with their purchase , while bringing out the best in everyone. We make trendy, stylish bracelets that are handcrafted in the U.S.A by people who care about making a difference in the world.

One Bracelet at A Time

Each purchase makes a positive impact through Hope&Co’s unique charitable giving model by supporting local organizations dedicated to providing sustainable solutions for people in need all over the world. The cause bracelets are the perfect gift to give or receive!

Meet Jacqueline Kasun

Jewelry Designer for Hope&Co

In reality, Hope&Co didn’t start as a brand at all. It started as a mission to help a non-profit with a specific cause that I have a personal connection with. When my grandmother was diagnosed with cancer I had no idea what it meant, and had no resources to turn to for answers. I just knew that she was going to die. However, after I was able to get through the initial shock, I was inspired to start Hope&Co and grew partnerships with other great charities.

"What I love about Hope&Co is they're all about community and giving back to society. There's so much negative energy out there but these bracelets are spreading good energy"

— Vivica Fox

We believe that jewelry is the one accessory that should not only look good but make a difference. We created Hope & Co bracelet to make a personal impact and raise awareness for a variety of causes.

Hope&Co Charity Bracelets strives to be a contributor to society by creating products that give back. With every bracelet purchase, Hope&Co. donates 10% of its proceeds back to a local charity.

Our products are crafted from premium materials and designed with giving at the forefront of our core values. With every purchase, you can feel proud knowing that not only will you have a stylish reminder of your dedication but also a way to give back to those in need.

Supports Local Charities

Eco Friendly Bracelets

Made with Love in the USA

Happiness Guaranteed